Public Tools

We received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) in 2011 to build and pilot a sector-wide platform to support organizations to effectively evaluate their programs. We conducted a literature review and environmental scan to identify reliable and valid tools. These tools are publicly available and can be used by organizations to effectively evaluate their programs. Each tool description includes suggestions for how to use the tool.

Subscriber Tools

In 2014, the SCC worked with youth, academics and partners to identify and build short outcomes-based evaluation tools. The tools support organizations to measure the changes that are occurring in their programs. These tools are available for subscribers only. Please call 1 (416) 597-8297 or email


Knowledge in Action

Current research, presentations and other resources related to youth engagement and youth thriving from our Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement and our partners.


Committed to Youth Engagement Since 1991

The SCC has been working to amplify youth voice since 1991. This section of our website includes archived resources from previous SCC network activities and programs.